Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March is over...

wow, march went by fast! work, train, work, vacation, train, work...whats wrong that list...no racing...i need racing in there to make me happy!

for the first time in years, my racing schedule didn't start in March. Partly because of work and vacation but also because of cross season not ending until Jan 28th. I really wanted a few months of staying home on the weekends and just training around town. I love my bikes and love to ride and sometimes racing can take that love away because it's all about specifics. i took this extra time to really pile on some volume and just enjoy the rides. i logged in some of my heaviest weeks of training ever and hope that it pays off in the later part of the season.

plus i got a new bike, thanks to Orbea, and wanted to make sure i had plenty of time to get it dialed in and become familiar with and comfy on it. Considering both the hardtail and big wheels are new to me I thought it would be smart to have some solid training on it before racing it.

Now...I'm back from vacation and it's all about the mtb! this weekend will mark my first stab at the xc front in 2012 at the Knobscorcher which is part of the US East Cup/SERC series. i love these races and this venue because it's truly what real xc racing is all about. the fitness is still up in the air but thats why this weekend will be a great test, to see where I'm at and what i need to do to get back at the level i want to be at for this year.