Saturday, January 23, 2010

only one day left...

and the last week of base will be over! kinda sad...

Friday saw the last 2-a-day of the week...workout 1) was a solid strength workout...did the 300 workout along with some other upper body moves to round off the full 60 min. the body was slow at first but started to feel great by the time i was in mid workout. workout 2) was a mtb ride on the ss...half the ride was in the day the other half was in the dark. effort was a lil harder that i wanted but with a group and on the ss...the effort was laid down...just low z3 but still not z1.

Saturday was awesome!!! long ride planned and long ride accomplished! the plan was for 4hrs and i was meeting a few guys to ride with...i had mapped out a great "new" loop for us to try but got denied by butch...he's older and usually takes, we nixed my route and went on a normal ol ride around town. we ended up getting back to the cars with only 2:45 ride time and 50 miles...the others crapped out but i had to muscle on...i mashed out another 25 miles in 1:15...and nailed the plan!

now my legs are feeling it.....

Sunday is a little shorter of a ride but with 3x Z4's going to hurt!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

hill sprints

was on the agenda today. i needed 2.5 hrs of total ride time and 3 sets of :15 hill sprints at max power.

the weather was freaking awesome!! 70 degrees and sunny...but windy too. gusts up to 20mph. i was able to wear just a kit and lite base layer...felt great.

the workout was good. i found a good hill to perform the sprints on and was able do them without worry of traffic. i think the whole time i was out there i only saw 5 cars...i mean over the course of the ride...5....not much! i felt good...but the left leg is giving me fits...the knee cap in front still is tender and behind the knee on the outside, i have strained something on wednesday tempo ride...but the fitness is progressing nicely...i think?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

so far this week...

i have been able to nail ever workout that was planned.

monday...i actually squeezed in an extra workout on top of the hour of strength work that was planned. the day was so nice i decided to get a mtb ride in...just recovery pace but i still got an 1:15 ride in that wasn't on the schedule! since i rode late in the afternoon, i had to go straight to the gym afterwards...and since i knew i was going to be doing a full out strength workout on tuesday, i decided to focus solely on my core...i got a full 45 min of solid core in.

tuesday...i woke up early to make sure i got the ride in, headed over to the trails by day break and had another great 1:15 mtb ride. the pace was again chill but a really great way to start a tuesday off. that afternoon, i headed to the gym to see what i could get in to...pushed out the 300 workout in about 35 min and finished out the rest of the hour doing some kettle bell swings, dips, triceps, and a few medicine ball moves...all in all...a hella good workout...and since im typing this on wednesday, i can say i am nice and sore because of it.

wednesday...again i had to get the ride in early because i had work obligations throughout the day and i knew rain was going to move in to the area in the afternoon...and it did. the ride planned was 2hrs with a 60 min z3 tempo...and i nailed it! i got to the trace about 630a and stayed on the trace the entire time...went down to usm for the warm up and then turned back and started the tempo...i felt good. the legs turned over a nice cadence of 90+rpm's and i averaged 21mph for the hour tempo. the pace felt good and steady.

so for the week total...6:15 total work we're ahead of schedule. thursday's ride is the longest of the weekdays topping out at 2.5hrs...mostly recovery pace but i do have 3 sets of short hill sprints planned...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


things have been going good...had the training camp last weekend with the team and had a blast. we took it to oak mtn for the weekend with a lose plan of how things were going to go...and for the first time in awhile, they went the way i wanted! all dudes, no ladies! killer 3+hr mtb ride each day! several 1554's after each ride! awesome 3 mile hike! great company! i had a blast and got in over 8.5hrs of training! the guys got along great and we really seemed to vibe well together. i think 2010 racing season is going to be a blast! on a presonal note...nothing seemed hard...the rides and hikes felt easy. the body is feeling great right now.

this past week the training went as planned for the most part...missed out on a little overall time (bout an 1.5hr short) but weather and work mess shiz up sometimes. Saturday's ride was cut out and i had to sub some cardio at the gym...i ended up running for 5 miles and hammered out the total body elliptical for another 1.5hr...but still ended up 30-45 min short of the days goal. all the weekdays workouts went's hard to get away from work for 2hr rides right having to be diligent with time and split up workouts. on the flip side, sunday's ride was great! 4hrs with 3500 ft of climbing! i felt like i could have gone for another 2 hrs too!

this upcoming week is going to be hard! 17.5hrs of total training...and with work as busy as it is...going to be tuff...i'll post up everyday this week with workout details for each day...if i nail this weeks planned total, it will be the most ever work in one weeks time!

the team...Malt coming together nicely. we have secured some new sponsors and have the team line up hammered out. The team design is decided on and being submitted this week. Everyone is working out race planes for next year and the buzz is starting to get louder...i love it!

I have a good feeling about this year!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


holy moley...did 12 months just go by? really?

2009 brought many great things to my most successful year at work, family stayed healthy, sis and i made amends, racing season was awesome, and im still doing it all. hopefully 2010 will see many of the same success and less of the headaches.

Goals for the bike 2010...
1. defend SERC
2. podium BUMP and Mellow Classic
3. MS State Champ

now these are goals for ON the bike...i have a few goals for off the bike but about the bike...

1. help host skool of hard nox 50 race
2. obtain level 2 usa coaching certificate

On the training side...really...I think its been going good. I have been hitting it for about 10 weeks. First two were "prep' weeks; last 8 have been base I and II...been going good but not great. I do feel strong and in good shape. The first 8 weeks were perfect...running, lifting, riding strong and long, had one good block on thanksgiving weekend...and the gym workouts were going awesome. i could feel me getting stronger...but the week of Christmas, my second block, Bam...I got very sick after a brutal 5 out of 6 day block with 4 of the rides being 3.5hrs or longer. Funny thing...I know EXACTLY when i caught my cold...Sat after the 4hr ride...went shopping all day, up on the feet, no recovery, didn't eat right...BAM! Live and Learn!!! So needless to say the last 10 days have been less than perfect...I've had to take several days off, AND the days i did train the effort was lite and pace was ez. Obviously, it's a blessing...i was getting over trained and if i hadn't HAD to take off i would be in for a blah type season. I'm going to ease back into training this week and get it going again for Base III.

This month could shape up to be a great 4 weeks...if the weather will stay somewhat dry and i can stay healthy...I have tempos, longer intervals, and speed work becoming involved in the program. February will start the "build" phase...the effort will go up and the volume will go down. I will have a few C races in late Feb before the 1st SERC in mid March. The plan is to build all through early April and then be hitting stride mid April and be gunning in May/early June! we'll see? I would like to do well at the national races...never been on those big podiums!

I'm also going to be doing a few, few...road races this year. Probably just 3, but it should be fun...I'm undecided in one thing...should i cat up to 3? i don't know....i have raced about 5 cat 4 races and probably have the fitness to keep up with the cat 3's....regardless, I'm going to be trying a few only...but id like to good at the state champ in late June...? we'll see.

I'm really just as excited about the upcoming year as i ever have been. my buddy, max, is "claiming" to be locked into the SERC with me...i hope so! I love traveling with him plus he's a great friend and racer! Plus....I cant do it by myself...too expensive!

Enough for now...I'm going to try and start updating every few days...holla!