Saturday, December 13, 2008

Amandas in New York!

My wife is in New York right now and my mom has the kids so it is freaking quite tonight at the house....and has been for a few days. She left out Thursday. The same day it SNOWED! Yeah, i said that..we got about 3 inches on thur am...i will post pics later...amanda took my camera!

I missed Wednesday workout due to a cramping stomach...which fucked me big time this week...cause, i missed monday's workout too.

This new program is's not too hard any one day but the accumulative grind day in day out is supa tough. Normally I ride 5 days a i;m riding 5-6 days with 2-4 days of ST with no days off...and with my shitty diet and full time life (3 kids and full time job) it's tough!

So I pushed Wed workout of cruise interval to Thursday, in place of the prescribed sprint workout. So I had back to back 2 a days on Thursday and Friday...which I knocked out.

Today's workout was 2 hrs with a :40 min tempo inside the ride. I left out from the house and headed to the trace. It's just to easy to do any steady, long tempo on...just so slight of an incline and no traffic makes for a perfect place for a non stop effort.

Heading up to Ridgeland in the morning to get in the planned 3hrs in with wesson and brad...should be fun.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

last weeks worth of pics and post.

My am workouts start with a 10 minute jog with my shit for brains dog...riley, he's the only one up...its cold outside right now...about 25

I turned my Saturday's recovery ride into a fun trail ride on the new hattiesburg single track.
Just in case i forget how to be a good person while i'm out riding
More nice pics from the trails in hatt. I had to do both weekend rides in the woods, so lots of pics on the trails....
nice and sunny day in south hattiesburg...

from my knees view....
Pics on the way to trails via the trace...

Pics on the way from the trails...keep the flag flying!

a view from my other knee on the way to to the trail...quite and peaceful.

The depot i park at to ride to the gives me about a :10 min warm up and cool down. to the trails.

I was using the kid as a prop...needed to make sure the mtn hardware jacket still holding i let him try it out in the passed the test and made for a fun event for carter.

And i'm not sure why this pic is so small but it's my angle...caroline!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

test #2 didn't go anything like i planned...

plan was to get ON the bike by 330p, at the latest 4...didn't happen

plan was to get a solid 45 minute warm up...didn't happen

plan was to improve on my 20 minute tt time and distance...didn't happen

i guess hindsight is always 20/20...i know see why coach had an hour of yoga planned for me on monday instead of an hour of intense plyometric movements including a ton of squats, lungs, scissor jumps, and other lower body stuff along with a brutal core workout...all which has left my legs, lower back, hips, and glute supa's a good thing in the long run and i'll do the workout again just not on test week. Not to mention I had 2adaytuesday scheduled with an hour of strength training in the morning and an hour ten bike ride focused on pedaling skills that end with 8 set of one legged drills that always set the hips off the hizzie...!

I did not improve and it hurt like hell...but i will pay no attention...i will keep hammering away...and love every minute of it!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

get some from the burg

I know i suck at trying to do this daily...i thought saturday was the last date i was on here but it was tuesday!

To be short and sweet with this post, since it has to backtrack 5 days, I'll only let in on the exciting

Wendesday I had a simple 1.5 hr ride with a 30 min z3 tempo inside it. Even thougth I had half day off i messedd around until it was too late to ride outside so i busted out the rollas and got it done...that's about the longest i can handle inside ridin! Arse starts a hurtn!

I went out Way too late Wednesday 3am! Grandparents held on to the kids so the misses and i went out and watched the Glitta Boyz played at the BOCO so we wet out guns a blazzin! it was fun, no pics! needless to say there was no riding on T day!

Friday went well, off work again so I got the two workouts that were planned back to made for a nice 2 hr and some change workout...i did the hr ride first, which was mild at best, then got the hr of ST and core work.

Saturday was nasty...windy...rainy...luckly not that cold...and I had a 4 hr ride planned. Great! I decided to just pull out the hardtail and put on the Patagonia rainjacket, which performed awesome, and headed out....i made the best of the ride. Getting about an hour of singletrack time in and about 3 hrs out on the open road....ended up a nice ride.

The beatuiful power plants!

Sunday was a beautiful day to say the least...but just a little windy!

I had 2x 20 minute tempos to be done at 55-65 rpm so i headed over to the trace to hammer them such a perfect place to do any controled type ride...48 miles of paved trail...some places even have some slight elevation change! As i was hammering the first tempo out, I nailed this stick on the was hiding like a ninja! Don't get me wrong, the trails are normally clean but we had storms all Friday and Saturday...

This was at the end of the 2nd tempo...felling good! I love those slow cadence drills...that deep burn feels so good!