Sunday, January 18, 2009

nice weekend and good things ahead!

This weekend was good times! B rad, Wesson and I have been planning on doing a small training weekend for awhile but with cold the hard freeze we got this Friday/Saturday, the fact that the campgrounds were closed, and that wesson couldn't find overnight kinel for his dogs, we decided to stay in Jackson and have a sleepover at wessons and hit up the ridgeland trails back to back days.

Sat's plan was a 2.45 hr ride with 3x 20 min z4 tempos...i only got 2hrs in w/ 2x 20 tempos...i had 2 flats and just decided to call it a day.

I did hike up in the woods for about 45 min looking at the new section of trails that j.polk is building...SWEET!

Sun's plan was 3hr ride time with pretty solid effort through out the entire ride...or a "c" race...since there's no races around i just warmed up for about 30 min, then slowly increased my effort for the next 3 laps around the race loop...ended up goofing off the last 20 min of the ride so i only probably pushed the pace for about 2hrs..still felt good and worked afterwards!

NOW...for the goods...i got these pics from Josh, my orbea rep! It's on the plans with Glenn and some of the team to break it in right this upcoming weekend over in some epic GA trails...more to come on that!