Thursday, March 26, 2009

almost the weekend.

Fairly laid back week this week...short track practice on Wed, 30/30's on Friday, tues/thurs for recovery, and a few strength/core workouts and some regeneration has laid out a nice week leading up to back to back weekends of important racing.

This weekend will be round 2 of the SERC in Columbia, TN at the Chickasaw Trace trails. This course is normally blazing fast with hard packed dirt and a few climbs. With all the rain this week, it'll be interesting to see what the trails are like. I'm leaning on changing the tyres out for a more aggressive tread...thinking about the Michelin XCR AT's...they are a little more heavy than the pythons but way better grip in nasty conditions...I'll make the call Sat night after the pre ride. Last time I raced this course it was the first expert race...I got blasted! I think i came in 19th out of 21 racers...I cramped so bad on the last lap that i dropped 10 min compared to my first 2 laps...i'll try and negate that this go around! 7 finish!

Next weekends race is the 3rd round of the SERC in Bryson, NC at the Tasli trails aka...Knobscorcher. Can't wait! Should be an epic race for sure...more to come on this the closer it gets.