Sunday, August 30, 2009

week off....WTF?

well this week is the first time in a LONG time that i went on vacation and didn't bring my bike. reason was two, i got sick just before i came to the beach and the dr told me to take at least 3 days off...and two, i was planning on some down time anyway(maybe not quite 5 days) but never the less some time off before i geared up for the end of the season.

BUT....I'm ready to get back on my two wheeled delight and get the wind in my face, blood in the legs, and get ready for the last 3 races of the year.

Black Bear Rampage is the newest addition to the schedule...since i'm not participating in the 24HOCS for the first time since it began back in 2004(more on that later)...lots of newness yet familiarity is what attracted me to this venue...the race is at the Tanasi trails, which I'm very familiar with and love camping around there but i'll be racing the ss for the first time ever and it's a 44 miler so those two new elements should make for some new memories. several of our local racing crew are making the trip too...wesson is driving w/ me, betz is coming, and the boyz from it should be fun!

That will only leave 2 more xc races...The Clear Creek Challenge in Oxford, MS and the SCRCS championship race in Ridgeland, MS. I hope to have the new frame in to contest the Cat 1 races but might be doing the ss races instead...playing it by ear for now...i'm not in the overall running for the series so the races will be strictly for fun and early off season training.! not going be doing this race for the first time since it's a total double edged sword for me...

one side = i love this race. i love the format. i love the trails. my team has won 2x's and came in second last year by only 3min after 24hrs...being one man down for 18hrs of the race. I had to roll 8 laps last year...but it was fun!

other side = i hate the cold at night. i hate the lack of sleep. i'm pissed that ALL of my team mates fell out for one reason or flaked out like a girl, one had family obligations, and one broke his shoulder blade...

but this has allowed me to race the rampage and start my off season training earlier that i had planned. which is good cause i have a awesome off season planned for this year.

i'll be back on the bike tomorrow!