Monday, September 28, 2009

whats up and whats not

word to the g's out there.

racing season is over for me and it's a love/hate feeling. i love to race so much that once it's over i feel like i have broken up with my girlfriend and sorta wonder around wondering what to do with myself. Since the racing season is laid out so far in advance i have specific goals and training plans to help meet those goals...but goals...just build on the fitness from this year and have fun.

i call this time of the year my PREP time. i still ride several times a week but not near as structured. But I also start working out in several other ways too. Running is the main focus of my cross training for now...doing about 3 days a week with a mix of slower trail runs and sprint type workouts. I have been loving some trail running, just like mtb, i think it's more about being in the woods vs. anywhere else. And then about every 3rd day of running, i have my "field day"...which is more structured running with day will be plyometrics movements, agility moves, and sprints. While another may be 100yr or 1/4 mile runs around 70% of max...just for good measure. It's fun and different and l use to love to run when i was younger. I'm also focusing on my core. Lot's of palliates, stretching, abs and lower back work....probably 3+ a week. And just for good measure strength training. Always a good thing. Over the years i have moved into multi muscle movements to work more than one muscle group at a time. For me and mtb racing...there is no need for bulk, it's all about functionality.

the goal is to work this prep time for about 6-8 more weeks. By Thanksgiving, i will start to be all bike with some strength and core work but only a small percentage.

i'm also stoked to be in this time because USM students are in school and that means ultimate Frisbee every Thursday night for hours...that's a good way to stay in shape. 2hrs running around with kids in their early 20's...i wear em down!

anyway...things are good in the workout world for me...feeling good and hope to keep getting better.