Monday, November 16, 2009

week one down...

this past week was the first week of the "base" season. lot's of different workouts...running, weight lifting, lots of core, and some other stuff just to keep things fresh. it was a great week for a few weather! what wonderful weather we've been having...mostly mid 70's and sunny! work is very flexible too right now, so it's enabling me to workout during the day and enjoy it...i'm getting spoiled...its going to get tuff when the new year gets here and the new budgets are in place and days are short and training schedules are HEAVY....guess i'll keep taking advantage of my situation now while i have it!!!

the week was full of workouts...monday and tuesday i was about 12 miles total all on the single track trails in town...i really dig trail running...i think im going to try and continue some running all year...i also lifted some weights on tuesday. Wednesday was the first ride of the week...nothing hard, just rode the oiz to the trails and back about hour40...very easy spin. thursday was a combo day with weights n the a.m and xtraining in the p.m..and friday pretty much of the same...core workout in the a.m and an hour on the ss in the evening-great way to glide into the weekend! sat was the 3rd ride of the week...2:45 on the oiz..mixture of dirt roads, logging roads, and pavement and sunday being much of the same but only for 2:20...ended the week with a total of 12:40 work time.

that's week one of my 4 week plan...2 more building weeks then one recover week...the last working week, next week, of this month will be sweet...really looking forward to it...praying that the weather stays nice for me...will be a 4 day block training session! The goal is to get a minimum of 12 hrs of ride time. The plan is to go camp at the Nox or Oak Mtn...and RIDE, drink some cold beers, and watch a fire burn.