Monday, August 16, 2010

first combo day

well, now that the goal of the season is over and behind me...and thank the lord above that it is...i am excited about my new direction racing goals are headed. i have been racing xc for years and now, i will shift my focus to mtb endurance racing. and the road to the goals in the endurance is really what i am excited about. the goals...yeah, i am such a dork and planning fruit cake [side note, charlie just walked in here and loved on me...i love that little man] that i already have plans laid out for September...12 moths away...the main goal is mtb nationals in Bend, OR in mid September 2011. i's a major goal...but i think it will be a blast. and i really think that my boy max could get himself a star's and stripes jersey.

anyway, the goal to get there is what is really got my stoked. because of my new job, the workout hours aren't nearly as flexible as then have been in the last few really sux...but, because of this, i have had to adjust everything. one, i wont be able to ride near as much as i need to, to be ready for racing season by march. so, i will run a bunch...prolly build up to about 4x's a week during Dec, Jan, and Feb....once daylight savings hit, i will start riding more...but...i plan on doing several duathlon's in March and April AND doing some early season endurance stuff Ouachita Challenge, Big Frog 65, Syllamo Revenge, and maybe one more somewhere..i will throw a few xc races in late in the summer to help the high end speed. It really works out perfect. just as the days are gettin longer i will have plenty of time to get all the miles in...while the days are short, i will run during the week and ride on the weekends...prolly only drop to 2 rides a week, at the least...cont go without my bike for too long!

also, doing some late seasons firsts this first charity ride, MS150 in Jackson, MS, 75miles each day; Gunter's Grunt and Grind in late October which will be my first road run, mtb ride, paddle..cant wait. should be a blast; mid November will be my first duathlon at oak mtn..mtb ride, trail run, mtb ride!

today was my first combo workout day...rode the mtb for an hour then immediately jumped on the trail run for 25 min. felt good for taking 4 days off before today.

more details to come....