Sunday, February 12, 2012

Recap of the end Jan....and some Feb too?

funny how easy it is to let a few weeks slip by without really even noticing.

to wrap up word...awesome!
the set up was like this...i was sitting in 2nd place overall. i had to beat my teammate, Omar and hold off Lackey to maintain my place. i had amanda's bday party the night before and was up late drinking brews...not my normal race prep.
the last race of the year was in Gadsden, AL at a new venue. it had been rumored that the course was short, fast, and was short...but the course was slow because there were several areas of thick muddy grassy sections. im not complaining though, i had a blast. i stayed conservative off the start but immediately found myself in the lead group and then shortly after that, solo in 2nd place. nothing would change after that until the end of the race. my best finish in a 1/2 race and a proper way to finish strong.

Now it's time for mountain bike build up time!

first weekend of February was the training camp Coach Drew and i had been working on for about a month. i had been looking for a way to get some one on one time with Drew and also a way to just to meet him. we decided to put together a simple 3 to 4 day training camp with 3-6 mtb guys looking for some volume and technical advice for rocky trails and host it at Oak Mtn. the weekend was perfect. just a lil wet but mild temps and great trail conditions. a strong group of 4 like minded riders joined forces and hammered out some great miles. all and all the week netted me almost 18hrs of riding.

with southern cross coming up and the mtb still in the shop(for 5 weeks now, waiting on one part)i needed some off road miles with climbing, so i headed out to Oak Mtn. plan was to meet up with some BiCi fellas but as usually i was running late and missed the start. the plan was lots of climbs. solid workout overall. flats...two...downhills with fun on cx bike...cold weather...dress appropriately...fuel correctly...equals workout done.

another solid week of training with about 11hrs of riding. considering i battled a cold all week and took two days off and two others were only an hour, im happy!