Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back To The Bouge SCRCS #1

The weekend started off with some killer breakfast at WH that doubled as the meeting place for half the team. We rolled down to the Mobile and arrived a little before lunch. We decided to eat a lite lunch, chill for a bit then turn the pre lap as the warm up for the short track...which was around 3:30...the warm up lap was good, about 54 minutes at about 65%...but the first section of the loop was nasty. Just so happens that the short track runs right through!

The race organizers decided to combined the expert and sport fields in the short track since there were only 3 expert was fun! Twenty five minutes + 3 laps...started out a good train thru the woods for the first few laps, things spread out over laps 3 and 5...I managed to slip away at the half way mark and built on that...ended up 1st with about :45 sec on seconds on 2nd place.

Most of the fellas camped out but Max ans I crashed out in a hotel...much warmer and comfortable. I was really cold the morning of the race and during the warm up...I was not in my routine like I should have...more on that in a bit...the start time was about 10a so by go time the temps had warmed up slightly, so I shed more jacket and headed to the start. On the line we had about 10 experts...all ages...we started off together and I went third into the woods. I felt the effort from Saturday immediately. Second place went down on the in the muddy section, so I slid into 2nd position...just before the single track started back up, the semi pro flew by me dragging along a new expert racer, so I jumped on the train and into the woods we went. I wanted to hang on and stay steady...well, these dudes put a solid pace down and i trailed them by about :20 seconds after lap 1. Lap two was a struggle to keep the power up, I stayed fluid but could tell I was running low on power, I guess I dropped about 3 minutes on that lap. It was the dreaded 3rd lap that got me good. The first little incline, the one I hammered up 12 times during the short track with easy, felt huge. I knew I had to just survive. I pushed but had no the end of the lap, I was basically soft peddling. Ended up 4th overall and 1st in my age.

Some other Indian Cycling podiums...

Our BIG jr racer pulling down a 2nd place...

My boy Max...first race in a year and snags a 2nd place in 40+ sport

Clare finished 2nd in her first expert race.

And JoeJoe ended his sport career with a solid 3rd place...better enjoy, expert should be a eye opener laddy.

Now for the wrap up...

The weekend was a blast. The first race of the season is always one to be easy on yourself about...don't get to high or too's long season.
For me...just a training weekend. I felt great on Saturday...not so much on Sunday. I would like to think I am in good enough shape to race two days in a row so I am not going to use that as on excuses as to why Sunday was so rough...but it is an easy scapegoat...I have some more training to do. Loner rides with tempo/intervals towards the end of the ride and shorter rider with all out effort...

I am going to keep training rides posted...coming soon!