Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Off season starts

Started the off seaon this week. Went with a pre built program from LW Coaching this year to change things up some. Yesterday was the 1st day of 91 days of specific training set up to help build my base up to help me not kick the rear spanked out of state! The real reason I went with a pre built plan is to take the guess work out of it for me. I have been doing my training on my own for several years and since i got the 3 little ones, who you will hear more about, and the whole job thing...i figured i would let someone else think for me plus they know what they're talking about more than i do!

Yesterday was a an hour of strength training with 30 minutes of stability work and 30 minutes of core work...it was tough. There were several exercises that I did that were new to me....but they felt great. I;m sore today, the day after...

Today was the lactate test. which would be found out thru a 20 minute TT...ouch! that wa my first tt all year...maybe even 2! It hurt...but i laid it all out...avg hr was 179bpm...hope i didn't set my self up for a brutal 13 weeks with max effort going based on this test...only time will tell!