Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First 2 a Day!

Today was my first planned two a days...with a 1:30 z2 ride for a little recovery and my first planned strengthsession! I think i passed the test well and am ready to slow ratchet it up...little by little though...

The Ride...! It was done at lunch since I had morning meetings and afternoon shoots. I had planned to get out on the bike @ 11 but ran almost an hour to be more timely. And by the time i got out the rain was on it's way...i got sprinkled on some but it wasn't until the last 20 minutes that i got poured on...thanks goodness it wasn't very cold, only about 65*.

The workout...! I was prescribed a series of upper body and core/stability exercises that would sure to not disappoint! I thought it would be pretty easy, it always seems that way after the first set...but ended up being a nice 50 minute workout.

I am starting the workouts out a little slow since i'm either on the bike, doing yoga, or strength training 7 days a week...i mean, i'm still sore from Monday's workout! So i felt today's stuff about like tomorrow will be another day in the "slow and take it easy" mode for the work to keep the priorities, right? then work! I promise to have pics soon!