Saturday, December 13, 2008

Amandas in New York!

My wife is in New York right now and my mom has the kids so it is freaking quite tonight at the house....and has been for a few days. She left out Thursday. The same day it SNOWED! Yeah, i said that..we got about 3 inches on thur am...i will post pics later...amanda took my camera!

I missed Wednesday workout due to a cramping stomach...which fucked me big time this week...cause, i missed monday's workout too.

This new program is's not too hard any one day but the accumulative grind day in day out is supa tough. Normally I ride 5 days a i;m riding 5-6 days with 2-4 days of ST with no days off...and with my shitty diet and full time life (3 kids and full time job) it's tough!

So I pushed Wed workout of cruise interval to Thursday, in place of the prescribed sprint workout. So I had back to back 2 a days on Thursday and Friday...which I knocked out.

Today's workout was 2 hrs with a :40 min tempo inside the ride. I left out from the house and headed to the trace. It's just to easy to do any steady, long tempo on...just so slight of an incline and no traffic makes for a perfect place for a non stop effort.

Heading up to Ridgeland in the morning to get in the planned 3hrs in with wesson and brad...should be fun.