Sunday, December 7, 2008

last weeks worth of pics and post.

My am workouts start with a 10 minute jog with my shit for brains dog...riley, he's the only one up...its cold outside right now...about 25

I turned my Saturday's recovery ride into a fun trail ride on the new hattiesburg single track.
Just in case i forget how to be a good person while i'm out riding
More nice pics from the trails in hatt. I had to do both weekend rides in the woods, so lots of pics on the trails....
nice and sunny day in south hattiesburg...

from my knees view....
Pics on the way to trails via the trace...

Pics on the way from the trails...keep the flag flying!

a view from my other knee on the way to to the trail...quite and peaceful.

The depot i park at to ride to the gives me about a :10 min warm up and cool down. to the trails.

I was using the kid as a prop...needed to make sure the mtn hardware jacket still holding i let him try it out in the passed the test and made for a fun event for carter.

And i'm not sure why this pic is so small but it's my angle...caroline!