Saturday, February 7, 2009

bonita...means pretty in spanish

a good ride today at the Bonita lakes trails in Meridian, MS. i use to ride these trails weekly...the ride brought some good memories back for sure...some great single track to enjoy on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. you;ll notice the downed trees...they're from the last several years of nasty storms that seem to happen all too often.
The M Town's not that great but hey, it's an overlook in MS...what else can you ask for?
Today's ride was simple...ride with no set agenda for about an hour and some change and that's just what i did. tomorrow's ride will be a little longer but not much in the effort dept. I'll be riding almost everyday over the next week but not too much effort. Coach is building my new race plan so I'll kinda just maintaining/recovering until she's ready.