Monday, February 2, 2009

recovery week ahead much satisfaction happened this weekend!

I guess you could say i'm starting to learn a new term..."time management"...this weekend was a test of whats to come as the family grows. Saturday started with amanda and i having to go separate ways due to parties and practice...she took the 2 babies to a baby shower with her moms and I had to bring carter to soccer practice. Then I had to fit in my 3hr ride, so I dropped the boy off at my moms and immediately jumped on the was a great day for a ride...60 deg with plenty of sunshine...rode with a fella from Bham AL that i meet friday night at a party.

As soon as i finished the ride, straight to the house to refuel and help decorate the house for caroline's birthday party...which was great! (i'll post pics soon) Then after that party was over at 5p, we had to head to my parents to celebrate amanda and my sisters birthday!

After one last stop at the sister n law's house we headed home. shew...that was a long sat!

Sunday was much more laid back! Woke up with the kiddies and fixed the family breakfast. After I got them all settled and full i got my self ready for the 4hr ride.

I decided to ride the Oiz on the road just to get more use to the way the bike off i went...the first 2 hrs were on the rd...then i explored some dirt roads for about 35 min to break it up...well...that would prove to be a bad idea. Just as i exited the dirt, i heard a biggie, i got a spare i stopped to fix the flat. What caused the flat...a damn fish bone!(should have taken a pic) i was all ready to fill the tube with air but...the damn Big Air i had didn't work! I started to walk...long story short...dude picked me up and gave me a ride to the house, thank god for good ole' southern folks! As soon as i got back to the house, I jumped on the road bike for about 1:45 min and finished off the 4hrs.

Then it was SUPA BOWL time!!! I picked the Steelers pre season to go to the big show...oh yeah...hella bragging rights!!!

thought of the day..."Why I didn't document the weekends rides with pics, i just don't know...but i will from now on!"