Wednesday, February 11, 2009

started the new race plan this week...

today i was accompanied by Sam, a riding buddy, who trains a lot but for tri's...??? But he's good to ride with. I told him i was doing a very specific workout and he said he was in so, i told him to meet me about quarter till 4.

the workout today was brutal, coach had me doing hill sprints...4 sets each of 3, 2, and 1 min intervals...ouch! i went WAY to hard(190 HR) on the first 3 min interval and paid for it by the 4th one...but after about 9 min of full recovery i felt a ton better.

i was able to really power out the 2 min reps. they felt good and so did i. on the first 3 min intervals, sam stuck on my wheel...not on the 2's or 1's though. it made me feel good.

i felt good after the ride. i rehydrate like coach waned me to, cause tomorrow is another tough workout...race!