Monday, February 16, 2009

T minus 14 days

Coach had 2x 2.5hr rides planned this weekend for with effort, one without...

I wanted to hammer out the 2.5hr effort off road but due to the rain on friday/sat am, i decided to keep clean and go hill hunting...

My 21 mile out-n-back route won for the suffer fest! This route has some great hills to climb...

Those are just a few of the killer climbs...the overall ride details would net me...2:31rt, 51 miles, 2600 ft of climbing, with an avg HR of 156...and some semi sore legs.
this was my turn around, the beautiful town of Baxterville, MS...not a bunch going on here.
Sunday called for the same ride time but with no effort...I was to keep the HR in z1-2...which i did.
For the first time in awhile i gathered a few fellas to ride with me. It was fun for the first 1.5hrs but then they all went they're own way home and i was left to finish the ride normal.

The end of the ride...great day...64degrees and sunny...can you say almost spring time?
the weekend was great, even though i missed riding off road, i was still treated to some great road riding!