Monday, March 16, 2009

need some help getn a feed?

since b rad and i travel to most of the out of state races by ourselves and we both race in the same cat we are always in need of a feed. I saw this idea in a magazine several months ago and think it might the the trick to grabbing a full bottle during a race. I do say full not fresh cause it will be warmed by the sun but a full bottle is better than no bottle.
For my pole...I took an old real estate sign pole to use for the stand. It's about 4.5 ft tall with a pointed end and it's metal so it's nice and sturdy.For the cup...i took a 3 inch PVC clean out valve with a cap to seal it off. Nice and simple and h2o bottles fit perfectly.

Next...i took my drill and put 2 holes in the bottom of the out to match the pole ends and insert...

Now...the reason i stop the assembly process at this point...the cap is deep enough that the entire top will slot right into place and be sturdy enough to hold up....BUT i can hammer the stake into the ground if its rock or hard, then slot the top and bottle in place.
Lastly...I screw the top of the clean out value on to the cap and pow!!!
Instant feeder!!!!

I had 2 poles so i made two feeders.

Well it's monday and i'm thinking about racing...surprise, surprise!!!
Back to the Bouge is happening this weekend and I have had no plans about doing it...until today. I got screwed out of a race weekend before last at Gainsville, FL with a stomach virus. I need another race effort workout in before I hit the next 2 SERC's...especially Knobscorcher!!!!
I'm not going to tapper at all. I will train right thru the race IF i do decide to go.
Plus, I was thinking about trying out the new feeder!!!