Thursday, March 19, 2009

hill repeats

yesterdays workout was 3, 2, and 1 min hill sprints. I truly love this allows me to go as hard as i want to and go up hill...i like the way it works the legs and hart rate...hard and high!
The graph didn't show up as large as I wanted...but you get the drift on the non stop ups and downs for the HR and the elevation...
you may also notice the abnormal jump in the very beginning of the ride...the garmin 305 ain't always the most reliable computer in the world...i'd say it's about 85% on the mark.

the hills aren't too long here so for me to find a hill that will last 3 min when i'm going full speed is hard to do...the one i have been using is about 2.5 min at full speed, so i tag on about :30 sec of a false flat run up to the seems to work pretty good.

the actual hill is perfect for the 2's and 1' run up needed...just start at the most noticeable rise in the pavement and drill it!