Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SERC#1 Gainsville, FL...RALPHIE...???

well...not what i was gunning for to say the least. not to drag the story line out too much, I'll just say that Friday night I got a call from the wife...1st call around 9p...one kid was throwing up...2nd call around 11p...another kid was throwing up...3rd call around 1p...all the kids are sick. By 6p Saturday, i was felling bad, by midnight i was throwing up. I didn't race this weekend.
BUT...Saturday morning and the pre ride was awesome! the trails were very cool. the were tight ans technical. lots of short punchy climbs. the trails are located in and around a old rock quarry. very unique setting. B rad and I had a blast pre riding the course...we turned 2 laps.
this was a huge pipe we rode thru.B rad rolling thru behind me.

this was one of the dug out sections that we rode down in to.

The water was so blue...we could see turtles and fish swimming around.

some of the upper woodsy areas...they were fast and very similar to the MS trails.

the trails weaved thru these huge rocks...pretty sweet.