Saturday, April 11, 2009


i've been know to do that a time or two in my life...and today was no exception. the plan was to ride 1.5 hrs with a 20 min LT test...didn't feel like doing that...2 reasons...1. i know i'm getting faster therefore I don't need to kill my self trying to reassure what i already know and 2. i wanted to ride a bit longer since it was beautiful today and i haven't got to ride a bunch this week.

so, instead...i headed out for a nice 2hr ride with some hills and 2x z4-5 10 min tempos mixed in. it felt great out there today. sunshine, rolling hills, legs felt good, ribs felt pretty good, tempos went perfect...just what i wanted! ended up with about 40 miles and 2k of climbing...the avg spd for the tempos was 23mph so not too bad for the open road??

hopefully i will be getting my camera back form wesson soon and i can start getting some pics rolling again.

next race for me ain't for another 2 weeks so a little building on the fitness and speed will be in order leading up to the 4th SERC...the May starts...which has your boy racing 7 times in 12 weeks! wow!!!