Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter

you know you've made the wrond decision when 20 min into the decision, the regret of the decision is all that you think's decision to ride early and skip church was wrong! i figured that wouldn't be any big deal to anybody...and probably in the scheme of things, it's not THAT big a deal...but to the wife, it was! she didn't really even have to say anything to me about it...i knew! the entire ride my mind was consumed with thoughts of family and that i should be doing the ride after the Easter festivities.

while i still did lunch and the Easter egg hunt with the kiddies and fam and celebrated the sis n laws bday...and put two of the babies down for their nap...i still had an strange feeling of letdown...all good live and you learn...won't make that mistake again.

the ride...was actually great! took the oiz out today...did some exploring on some new dirt roads, got some pavement in, got some single track ride! i felt great...ended up with about 30 miles total and the recovery week is over. monday will start the next 2 week build leading up to Ducktown, TN and the Kenda Cup East #1/SERC#5 race!!!