Thursday, April 16, 2009

final got my camera back

and should have taken some pics of the last few days...yesterday was WNW(WednesdayNIght Worlds) which has become a stxc fun race every week in the Ridgeland Trails. Yesterday was my first take on it...and it was fun. there were about 7 guys toe the line for the pain and suffering. fast and slobber come to mind...Chase Dudley and i rode together for the most part...i attacked a few time and got small gaps but as i would easy off he would bridge up and was fun! Great workout...can;t wait to get up there again!
today was hill intervals...the body has been trying to get sick...but i got a shot and some pills to help the cause and decided, with a push from wesson, to go ahead and do the planned ride. and felt pretty good for the most part. i did cut each set down by 1 interval but still ended up with 1.5 hrs and some good efforts laid down!

here are some old pics form the serc#2 in columbia....
instead of a pre ride on the course we rode on some sweet paved trails around nashville

neighborhoods were nice and the ride was fun.

the night b4 the race...doing some tyre swapping and last min adjustments.

litte jerry hamming out the last bit of his race and on his way to a 1st in his age 3rd overall

wesson off the start...looking good.