Saturday, May 9, 2009


the plan was to head to the nox for a training ride on the course for rockcruscher. it was deemed that too much rain had fallen and the trails were better left alone for the weekend. after looking around i decided that clear springs was our best shot for dry trails. this was a good call...the trials were dry for the most part...a few holes but nothing to speak of.

The entrance to the trails was a different story...

the entire area is flooded...and it's all due to lack of ANY attention paid to these trails by the forest service. there is a 12ft long beaver dam is blocking it up.
A little tlc and this area would be dry and go to go again...this district sucks!

Cause there are plenty of these around and there's no reason to give them more places to hang out with us on the trails.
did i mentions debris...b making a detour around the first downed tree
there was small debris...
there was huge debris
there was super old growth that was destroyed by the storm that cam thru this place a week ago...lots of trees snapped right in half. and then some uprooted.
debris bridges...

i left the camera in the car for the last lap...i went on a different trial and the downed trees on it were worse that Richardson's creek...pretty amazing what some wind can do.
the ride itself was good...the workout was worthy of any...3.5hrs with about 3400ft of climbing. managed to keep the body working hard and maximized the HR during the ride...felt great to get on the trails and bike for more than an hr and a half...
one more day of riding to top the 4 day block off...tomorrow will be some lite recovery spin on the trace...then monday starts the new program!