Monday, May 18, 2009

nasty weekend

well, i was told not to race this past weekend...

so saturday when i got to the trail and hammered out my lap around the course, i decided/talked into racing the ss...justification...shorter distance, not as deep of an effort, later start time...

the course was awesome. fast, tight, climbing, descending, technical, and dry...i was looking forward to the ss race.

sunday morning we woke to LOTS of rain. ummm, scratch the racing! it was clear...being told not to race and then mutha nature seconding that by blasting the course with about 1.5inches of rain made it an easy decision. NO race.

while i was really bummed not to be racing it was fun to watch the race and bring a bike home that's still clean and in working order.

next up........ BUMP N GRIND.

more post leading up to it i promise.