Monday, July 27, 2009

big week

getting pretty amped about this weekends race in Fontana, NC! it's going to be a hard race even though it's short in'll make up for that in steep climbs and technical descents. if i remember correctly it's about a 6 mile loop w/ 1300ft of climbing. FUN...? at least i'm points leader now...i just got to mark ceazer throughout the race and try to beat him.

this past week was good and bad as far as training...i had good workouts when i was on the bike but basically missed 2 days...Wednesday was suppose to be an easy 1.5hr on the mtb...max wrecked and broke his shoulder about 10 min into the ride and sunday's 2.5hr ride got cut short due to the nasty rain that moved in on us. the rset of the weeks ride were great.

this week will be a few fine tuning rides with some recovery mixed in....can't wait until sunday!