Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thanksgiving weekend equals

the perfect recipe for the four day training block i have been wanting to do. To me...what better way to truly jump start the base miles than 12+hours in 4 days! Uh, not to mention the plethora of food that will be overflowing at every house i go to as we make our rounds for turkey day. And of course the leftovers that accompany large meals...for 2 days after...there will be plenty to eat to help the recovery of the miles laid down.

The plan, besides eating too much, is to ride at least 12hrs...thursday will be the shortest ride with the most structure...2.5hrs with some big gear tempos thrown in on the trace. After that the plan is flexible...i haven't been able to get any sort of commitment from anyone on whether they can will ride Friday or Saturday somewhere off road...the other day will be a long road ride. Sunday my hommie wesson is coming down to ride...the plan is to ride the mtb's from my house to the trails and back and be out for 3.5hrs. LSD!!!

I'll keep ya posted.