Sunday, December 20, 2009

great end to the week

this week was good but not great. i missed a few strength workouts which messed up my over all planned time of 15.5hrs. i rode the bike a lil more than planned but the strength sessions are important right now...i wont be lifting much more after the new least nothing heavy or hard! all leg strength work will be moved to "on" the bike and except for a few short core/strength workouts no more gym time...but i am going to try really hard to continue the core workouts a couple times a week during the racing season.

so how did the week end...well, 2 killer endurance rides of 4 and 3.5hrs! saturday started off chilly but beautiful. the ride took me from the house to the Trace to Military rd to purvis to oloh to bay creek to tatum salt dome and back home...70 miles and 3400ft of climbing! sunday, again started at the house and to the Trace at USM but then hooked up with the normal sunday group ride. the pace was good but just too many stops! i was out there for 5hrs and ended up with only 3.5hrs ride time...i just like to ride...not stop! still ended up with some good endurance paced miles and had good company...which always counts for something.

the upcoming week is heavy! lots of training, lots of riding, lots of family time! im off most of the week from work and plan on logging in as much as i can. the plan...17.5hrs total...with 14 on the bike...we'll see...nasty weather looks to moving in mid week which could see me heading into the gym for some xtraining but hopefully that will only be for a day or so. and i really need some quality dirt time...i havent been in the woods for more than an hour since thanksgiving weekend...i nee some singletrack time pronto!