Saturday, January 2, 2010


holy moley...did 12 months just go by? really?

2009 brought many great things to my most successful year at work, family stayed healthy, sis and i made amends, racing season was awesome, and im still doing it all. hopefully 2010 will see many of the same success and less of the headaches.

Goals for the bike 2010...
1. defend SERC
2. podium BUMP and Mellow Classic
3. MS State Champ

now these are goals for ON the bike...i have a few goals for off the bike but about the bike...

1. help host skool of hard nox 50 race
2. obtain level 2 usa coaching certificate

On the training side...really...I think its been going good. I have been hitting it for about 10 weeks. First two were "prep' weeks; last 8 have been base I and II...been going good but not great. I do feel strong and in good shape. The first 8 weeks were perfect...running, lifting, riding strong and long, had one good block on thanksgiving weekend...and the gym workouts were going awesome. i could feel me getting stronger...but the week of Christmas, my second block, Bam...I got very sick after a brutal 5 out of 6 day block with 4 of the rides being 3.5hrs or longer. Funny thing...I know EXACTLY when i caught my cold...Sat after the 4hr ride...went shopping all day, up on the feet, no recovery, didn't eat right...BAM! Live and Learn!!! So needless to say the last 10 days have been less than perfect...I've had to take several days off, AND the days i did train the effort was lite and pace was ez. Obviously, it's a blessing...i was getting over trained and if i hadn't HAD to take off i would be in for a blah type season. I'm going to ease back into training this week and get it going again for Base III.

This month could shape up to be a great 4 weeks...if the weather will stay somewhat dry and i can stay healthy...I have tempos, longer intervals, and speed work becoming involved in the program. February will start the "build" phase...the effort will go up and the volume will go down. I will have a few C races in late Feb before the 1st SERC in mid March. The plan is to build all through early April and then be hitting stride mid April and be gunning in May/early June! we'll see? I would like to do well at the national races...never been on those big podiums!

I'm also going to be doing a few, few...road races this year. Probably just 3, but it should be fun...I'm undecided in one thing...should i cat up to 3? i don't know....i have raced about 5 cat 4 races and probably have the fitness to keep up with the cat 3's....regardless, I'm going to be trying a few only...but id like to good at the state champ in late June...? we'll see.

I'm really just as excited about the upcoming year as i ever have been. my buddy, max, is "claiming" to be locked into the SERC with me...i hope so! I love traveling with him plus he's a great friend and racer! Plus....I cant do it by myself...too expensive!

Enough for now...I'm going to try and start updating every few days...holla!