Thursday, January 21, 2010

hill sprints

was on the agenda today. i needed 2.5 hrs of total ride time and 3 sets of :15 hill sprints at max power.

the weather was freaking awesome!! 70 degrees and sunny...but windy too. gusts up to 20mph. i was able to wear just a kit and lite base layer...felt great.

the workout was good. i found a good hill to perform the sprints on and was able do them without worry of traffic. i think the whole time i was out there i only saw 5 cars...i mean over the course of the ride...5....not much! i felt good...but the left leg is giving me fits...the knee cap in front still is tender and behind the knee on the outside, i have strained something on wednesday tempo ride...but the fitness is progressing nicely...i think?