Wednesday, January 20, 2010

so far this week...

i have been able to nail ever workout that was planned.

monday...i actually squeezed in an extra workout on top of the hour of strength work that was planned. the day was so nice i decided to get a mtb ride in...just recovery pace but i still got an 1:15 ride in that wasn't on the schedule! since i rode late in the afternoon, i had to go straight to the gym afterwards...and since i knew i was going to be doing a full out strength workout on tuesday, i decided to focus solely on my core...i got a full 45 min of solid core in.

tuesday...i woke up early to make sure i got the ride in, headed over to the trails by day break and had another great 1:15 mtb ride. the pace was again chill but a really great way to start a tuesday off. that afternoon, i headed to the gym to see what i could get in to...pushed out the 300 workout in about 35 min and finished out the rest of the hour doing some kettle bell swings, dips, triceps, and a few medicine ball moves...all in all...a hella good workout...and since im typing this on wednesday, i can say i am nice and sore because of it.

wednesday...again i had to get the ride in early because i had work obligations throughout the day and i knew rain was going to move in to the area in the afternoon...and it did. the ride planned was 2hrs with a 60 min z3 tempo...and i nailed it! i got to the trace about 630a and stayed on the trace the entire time...went down to usm for the warm up and then turned back and started the tempo...i felt good. the legs turned over a nice cadence of 90+rpm's and i averaged 21mph for the hour tempo. the pace felt good and steady.

so for the week total...6:15 total work we're ahead of schedule. thursday's ride is the longest of the weekdays topping out at 2.5hrs...mostly recovery pace but i do have 3 sets of short hill sprints planned...