Sunday, January 1, 2012

little housekeeping

just needed some freshing up on the blog info...

In honor of the contest i won on the Orbea Facebook page for the muddest pic, i thought i would change my header pic out and showcase another pic from that race...and reminise for a sec...this race was the 2nd or 3rd SERC race in 2009 when i was shooting for the overall. Anyway, this race was a mudfest with simply horrid conditions...cold, very wet, peanut butter mud everywhere, and unrideable climbs that had to be run. I flourished! i was able to stay upright and have zero issues on the bike. i rode away from Andy Johnston and bridged up to Craig Evens, who got dq'd which was also a first, and took the win! it was huge to me!!

I also added the early draft of the mtb schedule for 2012. there are some races that might be added during the year. I will also add a cx schedule later.

Another change are some pics below...i raced for two teams this year one, Red Mtn Wheelman for road and mtb and then Team Momentum for cross. i wanted to get both jerseys on the site until i get some more offical type of representation. I have other companys support me like BBC, Orbea Bikes, Schwalbe Tires, Feedback Sports with Squirt Lube, and Revolution Cycles. None are huge major sponsors but they all help me accomplish my goals and for that i thanks them all!!

Another huge hope for me this year is my new relationship with Coach Drew Edsall. I expect big things working with him this year. I plan to follow his plan to a "T" and trust in his program. More to come on this!!!