Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rapha 500

i love social media and i love that most cyclist are mostly dorks about riding data and Strava has brought the best of these worlds together for me. Check it out if you haven't already.

Anyway, they have "Challenges" that they host along with a sponsors that establish a goal and then help track the data from any and ever rider who is on Strava and who wants to join. The Rapha500 is the second challenge i have partaken in. the first was during Thanksgiving and the goal was to burn 5000cal during the 4 or 5 day weekend. i had a good shot at it, but got a stomach bug that Saturday and couldnt ride Sat or Sun which killer my shot.

However the Rapha500 came at a perfect time for me. I had the full week off work and really had only one intention while i was off work....RIDE! Ride lots! with all the cross specific workouts, short days, dance, basketball, work, oh and has been quality but certainly no quantity. most i have been on the bike since September was about 8hrs in any given week. Not enough if ya ask me!

the plan....ride the 500k/ the 9 days and enjoy every minute of it. the plan was to ride it all on the cross bike with nobbies or the mtb bike. no easy miles would count. plus i love my cross bike! a quick ride break down...

Rapha 1 = 39 mile loop around bham in chilly 42degree temps to start if off.
Rapha 2 = 48 mile ride n MS with Max. easiest ride of week. leisure ride w/ breaks.
Rapha 3 = 45.5 mile loop in MS...non stop rain. tempo pace ride the full time!
Rapha 4 = 61 mile loop in MS around hills. felt good. longest ride
Rapha 5 = 40 mile loop in MS. chilled ride and just enjoyed the sunshine
Rapha 6 = 30 mile mtb ride at OM with Omar. solid workout!
Rapha 7 = 43 mile worlds loop with Jerry. mild pace in perfect weather
Rapha 8 = 25 mile mtb at OM with Momentum team. another great workout and was feeling it.

overall stats...ride time 22hrs/335.5miles/16k ft of climbing/12k cal burned.

Fun times!!