Monday, March 31, 2008

Baton Rouge race weekend...

unfortunately i was unable to attend this race. I have missed my nieces last 2 birthday parties because of races, so I promised everyone that no matter what, I would be there this year...and I was! It was fun and a good visit with my sister kristie and her family. Plus the huge bonus about anytime I go to visit with her is the fact that she lives in Birmingham, about 10 minutes away from Oak Mtn State Park....which has the best 17 mile point to point trail around, at least in my opinion.

I was gathering up my stuff the day before the weekend and realized that my bottom bracket had frozen up on mt fuel...WTF...! thank god my training buddy, max has a plethora of mtbs that I was able to borrow one from...I properly choose the Santa's a older proven ride that max has used in several 24 hr solos and xc races, it has been retired for about 3 years...and I had to make several adjustments to it for it to fit.

I made one major mistake on Saturday...since I had to do several make shift fixes to the SC, used up both of my tubes that I keep handy...see, I run tubeless with a splash of Stan's and it's been tried and trued!..anyway, I got to the trail head, got suited up, watered up, and tightened up then realized my Big Air is on my fuel and my back up tubes are in the tires I'm riding...dilemma fo sho...being the gambler I am, I rolled the dice and set off...

this is Mike from Chicago, I met him just at the end of the bump trail...just after I lost my bet. this very generous dude stopped and gave me his tube and let me use his co2...i would have been walking out otherwise...very cool!..needless to say, I cut the workout in half and that I took it to the bike shop after that...scored a few tubes and stuff that would get me thru Sundays ride.

saturday night brought some good rain, just enough, but not too much...what it did was cool everything off about 15 degrees and create the perfect topsoil...almost like snowboarding...I was the first on the trail and it just hooked up, corners were fast, gears felt easy. I few pics from the first lap, I was going too fast on the second...kaheekahee

a little blood rock action

the front section

towards the end