Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Been Awhile....'s been quite some time since I posted...nothing more than too much to do and not enough time...3 kids...full time job...part time job...8-10 hrs a week training...ok.

Lots has happened in the last month...I'll make it brief with each event and start fresh this weekend and on.

The first event was an endurance race at Butts Park in Clinton, MS...rightfully called " 12 Hours on the Butt" ...there were 3 ways to race this 2 person, solo, or 6 hr solo. What turned out to be a great day...all of the folks who rolled in decided to race the 6 hr was a blast, easy trails, 20+ racers...finished second.

Next up...the following weekend...was the 3rd race of the SCRCS. AOS is my favorite course in the series the course is so much fun with lots of single track, rolling hills, rocks, and roots. The trail is built perfectly, so it;s easy to keep the speed up. The race went well for me...started off in the lead group, moved up 2 position when I blew a tire... I had to stop, roll the tire upside down and thankfully the stans in there was able to seal the leak up, so I shot the tire full with my Big Air and I was good to go. Unfortunately, I had fallen back two spots...I didn't panic but just shifted it in to overdrive...I quickly reeled in the first dude...then in the transition area, the guy in front dropped his bottle and I eased into the 2nd position...never saw him again. It took about half of the second lap for me to bridge back up...I was feeling good! I rode the wheel of the leader for the rest of the race...heading into the last quarter mile, we had really started to catch up with the slower sport we came around, what would turn out to be the last racer we would have to past, we yelled out "rider back, coming around" the dude obviously didn't know 2 were back...Billy went around, I started to go around...and he plowed into me...knocking me off and slingshooting me to the ground...I could have punched his ass out...I jumped back up and took off...Billy had gained about :15 seconds on me...I lost by :06! Overall...I was happy! I felt good, I had bridged back up and was still feeling good, then almost caught back up after the last wreck.

The last event that I have attended in the last month a few was the fabulous Syllamo's Revenge.This was a last minute addition to the friend had a spot that he was willing to sale and I was willing to make a trade for it...I did the tour version last year and had a great time. I know I wanted to come back and race it...I got my chance! The weather was wet leading up to the weekend but the weather the weekend itself was perfect. When we started, there were about 300 racers...I was about 30 off the front. By the time I hit the single track I was about in the same place...within the first 30 minutes I had flatted...fixed it, took a little longer cause I had stans and a specific nipple in the rim, got passed by a ton of racers, but eventually got it fixed and was back on my way...passing riders on the reg and making up some lost time...after about 30 more minutes...I blew my tire again! I could have cussed out everyone...but whatta going to do...pulled out my last tube, only brought 2 since I had tubeless tires laced up, and pulled out my back up co2, since my big air was half empty when I started and it was now empty from the 1st flat, and went to work. Took me about 5+/- min to get it back on and I was off again...passing lots of racers...long and out, in and out, in and out...went on like this until after the 2nd I was crossing the only stone bridge, I slipped and had to dismount, put my foot down and catch myself from falling into the big damn shoe broke! The "boa" on my Specialized shoes had snapped...leaving me with like a flip flop on to ride and hike in...all of this happened before the 1st cp. I wasn't discouraged though, so I just keep on pushing and staying steady and wasn't that bad to ride with the shoe but the walking sections...river crossings and stone sections...were the hardest so I just tried to ride as much as possible. After the cp 2 the race enters the really technical part...I was doing good but was having and had been having lots of chain issues...the "POW" I broke my chain. I thankfully had a quick link...but I had to stop, take time to fix it and get the legs going again...My goal going into the race was a rt of 5:30...I finished 5:39, but that is moving time from my garmin...race time was 6:10...39th out of 175 finishers.

This has been a fun April and start of May...this weekend we have our4th race of the SCRCS...Rockcrusher ! The races start to get in to some hills so we should start having some real fun. Then Bump and Grind is in 2 only "A" race this season...

Picture are around somewhere for these...I'll try and post some later...there will be some to come with the new stuff...