Friday, November 14, 2008

easy friday...i guess

i was enjoying today off from work...i love not working!

yesterday's workout was very interesting...i have never done one legged drills before so it was new and fun...

plan was 1 hours with 7 sets of...30 sec R, 30 sec L, 1 minute both...increasing rpm by 5 each set...and that's what i did...last set was hard...found lots of dead spots in the pedal stroke at 115 rpm with one leg...hamstrings were tight afterwards...but nice sweat as i did the workout on rollers.

today...was another two a day...with an hour of strength training and 30 minutes on the rollers afterwards...the strength workout was suppose to be an hour but even with 3 sets of the planned workout it only took me 40/45 minutes...but i did ride for 40 minutes by mistake...

another good day but only 5 days down out of 13 a ways to go!!!

weekends planned rides should give me another 5 hours on the favorite!!!!!