Tuesday, November 18, 2008

last few days

The weekend was fun. They're always too short but always fun! There was very little planned in the dabbs household for the weekend except for 2 rides(not very long), R and R, and FOOTBALL...i know, I like to participate in sports with spandex but i love to watch big dudes try and decapitate each other...i love the primal instinct that FB has inside the game...plus the battle in the trenches is the best!

Saturday was suppose to be 2.45 hrs on the mtb and had planned to meet with B Rad in Jackson to ride Ridgeland...but rain on Friday killed that for me...so at about 11a i got going...with winds in the 25+mph range and temps around 50 I headed out on the road. It was a pleasant 50 miler with not much activity happening...just spinning in z2 and putting some miles in...good times!

Sunday was not much more eventful...I love cooking breakfast for the family on the weekends, actually starting to do it more than just weekends...I figure mom cooks dinner and likes to sleep in so I can lend a hand here and there... ;-)
I got out on the road around 11:30a to get my 2.15 hrs in. I was to include 2x 10 min tempos at a slow cadence up a small hill...since the HR wasn't working i had to guesstimate the effort i was using but i think i got it pretty close...the cadence stayed around 65 rpm which was right on...could feel the burn in the hips and quads...

Monday was back to work and a pretty laxed day as far as training was concerned...just an hour of yoga...um, what? I am about as flexible as metal pole...the ole power lifter in me just don't bend in strange positions...but i'm always up for a challenge...i think.?. I warmed up for about 5-8 minutes then went into a series of flexibility positions...some felt good, some were easy, some sucked and hurt...i didn;t do those to long...like not at all. Ended up with about 35 minutes of pure yoga...i think i will monitor this and might start incorporating Pilate's and stretching to help out with hot spots...

So far so good...I'll post later o Tuesday's workout!