Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gotta LOVE mtb rides on Saturdays

The Saturday planned ride was simple...3:15 on the mtb mostly in z2 some was perfect so wesson, betz and i decided to meet at ridgeland and ride a little...they were good sports about riding...hell i couldn't even keep up with betz on the hills, he was on his ss and had to go ahead and go...i had to keep my hr under wraps to keep within coach's plans.
The trails are awesome...sorry so much of my mug...that's my boy wesson behind me sporting his hunter orange, gun shots were going off in the morning when we got defense to hunters is just to keep my trap running as much as possible.

I love dogs that will run the trails with their owner...this pooch was running for hours out on the trails today...good stuff

Just a mice view from my the dirty south trails!

A little workout info...HR and elevation...can you read this?

My two oldest babies...sharing a seat...but only for a minute, Carter, the boy, is in the process of getting really upset that sister Caroline, is cramping his style...they're great!