Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday and Monday...

Sunday's plan was 2.5 hrs with 2x 15 min tempos at 60-70 rpms in Z2/3...the tempos are suppose to be done up a steady hill...but in Hattiesburg, MS, they're are no such things as long hills...longest one I have found in toughberg is about 5 minutes! So i have been trying to find different roads that keep going up but it's not happening...i will be moving the tempos to the trace from now on!

These pics are just the normal scenery I get to see out on the open road...I do love my country roads...hardly ever see any cars out her, especialy on the Sunday mornings...

This pic show the far away site of the Heritage Eagle Man Triathlon...my buddy won it...Sam Hudson!

More beautiful country side with blue skies and the cows of course!

This is the ass end of the 2nd 15 minutes tempo...great roads but just not quite long or steep enough...but what a great day for riding!

After the ride, I had to squeeze in an hour of yoga/stretching to finish up my week...so what better way than get that in while watching my Colts beat the Bolts for their 5th straight win!
Gettum Payton!
Carter decided to get in his mom's makeup so I made him pose for a few pics to blackmail him with when he gets older...I love being a dad! He's such a great son...I think this weekend I might try him out in the woods for a night and see what happens...mom thinks he'll get scared...I think he'll snuggle up to me in my sleeping bag and be prefect!

Monday's are kinda like a day off...so all that was planned was about 30 minutes of stability work and about 30 minutes of ST...I managed to get about 45 minutes of work...I was tired and just didn't feel like getting the last 15 in...more to come about Tuesday soon!