Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gearing up for the weekend

Oh what fun rollas's easy to talk about it today, the day after the torture took place and another ride has replaced the foul memories of the 1.5 hrs that was prescribed by coach...the ride was going to be done outside but temps and late work hours force it me inside, or at least the garage! I had to warm up for 45 min then a nice z3 20 min tempo at 95-105 rpm...nailed it! Got a good sweat on this time of year and training are at a premium, cool temps and low efforts keep the sweat at bay for the most part...tonight was a nice on fo sho!
A little side shot of the garage and my bike haven at my house...i love biking! How do you like the reminds me of some good ole times before kids and a real job...road trip to kaliforna form the berg was off the hizzy fo reazza fo shizzy!

Today's workout was to be 1.5 hrs with 10x spin ups to 120 rpm in the smallest gear...not my favorite type ride fo sho but it, done...and the weather today was fabulous! It got up to about 74 today and nuttin but sunshine...made for a great way to end the day! I rode on the trace today which was very quite and perfect for the plan today!