Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday the 2 a day

Today was my true second 2 a day...i love saying that! It makes me feel so goal oriented and professional...cause why else would someone who does this training and racing thing on the side just for fun be already putting in 2 a days in November 08 for races that aren't happening until March 09 at the earliest...it's like my boy wesson and i were talking about...I just love training! Call me crazy but i love the structure it provides and I just love to ride and workout so it works???

This morning was my 1st attempt to getting up early to do 1 of the workouts planned today...I set the alarm for 6a...after 2 swats at the snooze I pulled myself out of bed around 6:20 and by 6:30 I was out the door for a 10 minute jog to warm up then back to the garage to do my 50 minutes of strength training...it went well! Starting to get stronger already!

Tonight's ride was short and very controlled! Only 1:10 rt scheduled but structured out the arse...10x 1 min max cadence sets, 8x 2 min spin ups, and 8x 3 min 1 leg drills...it went really smooth until the last few sets of the 1 legged drills...i could barely finish them...the hips were done...the felt just helpless after a while...good stuff!

I got very cold towards the end of the ride...only about 50 degrees but i was under dressed and brought the wrong gloves...my hands were frozen...hey i'm from south MS i don't do cold weather...i'll need to make a mental note to bring back up cloths in the car!