Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesdays for 2adazs

CTuesday mornings always seem to come a little early...MNF is always a hit in the dabbs household...and last night I decided that a little toddy would make the nite just right...then i woke up this morning..

workout #1... 6:25a I was out the door for my, much to my anticipation, for my early 10 minute warm up run...then back to the poor mans gym for a sweet little 55 min strentgh training sessions...felt good, better than expected!

Off to work for a god for sakin boaring ass day at WDAM...

workout #2...coach had a 1:10 ride planned with some low HR work focused on high cadence and pedal stroke...inside the ride was 10x :10 sec max spin/:50 sec recovery; 8x 1 min spin ups/1 min easy spin; 8x 1 min left leg @ 90 rpm/1 min right leg@ 90 rpm/1 min both @95 rpm...the first sets are easy...the 3 set is a mutha...those one legged drills at that high of a spin is really tough, especialy on the last 4 reps durning the last :20 seconds, OUCH!!!! It hurts SO good!