Monday, December 1, 2008

get some from the burg

I know i suck at trying to do this daily...i thought saturday was the last date i was on here but it was tuesday!

To be short and sweet with this post, since it has to backtrack 5 days, I'll only let in on the exciting

Wendesday I had a simple 1.5 hr ride with a 30 min z3 tempo inside it. Even thougth I had half day off i messedd around until it was too late to ride outside so i busted out the rollas and got it done...that's about the longest i can handle inside ridin! Arse starts a hurtn!

I went out Way too late Wednesday 3am! Grandparents held on to the kids so the misses and i went out and watched the Glitta Boyz played at the BOCO so we wet out guns a blazzin! it was fun, no pics! needless to say there was no riding on T day!

Friday went well, off work again so I got the two workouts that were planned back to made for a nice 2 hr and some change workout...i did the hr ride first, which was mild at best, then got the hr of ST and core work.

Saturday was nasty...windy...rainy...luckly not that cold...and I had a 4 hr ride planned. Great! I decided to just pull out the hardtail and put on the Patagonia rainjacket, which performed awesome, and headed out....i made the best of the ride. Getting about an hour of singletrack time in and about 3 hrs out on the open road....ended up a nice ride.

The beatuiful power plants!

Sunday was a beautiful day to say the least...but just a little windy!

I had 2x 20 minute tempos to be done at 55-65 rpm so i headed over to the trace to hammer them such a perfect place to do any controled type ride...48 miles of paved trail...some places even have some slight elevation change! As i was hammering the first tempo out, I nailed this stick on the was hiding like a ninja! Don't get me wrong, the trails are normally clean but we had storms all Friday and Saturday...

This was at the end of the 2nd tempo...felling good! I love those slow cadence drills...that deep burn feels so good!