Wednesday, December 3, 2008

test #2 didn't go anything like i planned...

plan was to get ON the bike by 330p, at the latest 4...didn't happen

plan was to get a solid 45 minute warm up...didn't happen

plan was to improve on my 20 minute tt time and distance...didn't happen

i guess hindsight is always 20/20...i know see why coach had an hour of yoga planned for me on monday instead of an hour of intense plyometric movements including a ton of squats, lungs, scissor jumps, and other lower body stuff along with a brutal core workout...all which has left my legs, lower back, hips, and glute supa's a good thing in the long run and i'll do the workout again just not on test week. Not to mention I had 2adaytuesday scheduled with an hour of strength training in the morning and an hour ten bike ride focused on pedaling skills that end with 8 set of one legged drills that always set the hips off the hizzie...!

I did not improve and it hurt like hell...but i will pay no attention...i will keep hammering away...and love every minute of it!!!