Sunday, January 17, 2010


things have been going good...had the training camp last weekend with the team and had a blast. we took it to oak mtn for the weekend with a lose plan of how things were going to go...and for the first time in awhile, they went the way i wanted! all dudes, no ladies! killer 3+hr mtb ride each day! several 1554's after each ride! awesome 3 mile hike! great company! i had a blast and got in over 8.5hrs of training! the guys got along great and we really seemed to vibe well together. i think 2010 racing season is going to be a blast! on a presonal note...nothing seemed hard...the rides and hikes felt easy. the body is feeling great right now.

this past week the training went as planned for the most part...missed out on a little overall time (bout an 1.5hr short) but weather and work mess shiz up sometimes. Saturday's ride was cut out and i had to sub some cardio at the gym...i ended up running for 5 miles and hammered out the total body elliptical for another 1.5hr...but still ended up 30-45 min short of the days goal. all the weekdays workouts went's hard to get away from work for 2hr rides right having to be diligent with time and split up workouts. on the flip side, sunday's ride was great! 4hrs with 3500 ft of climbing! i felt like i could have gone for another 2 hrs too!

this upcoming week is going to be hard! 17.5hrs of total training...and with work as busy as it is...going to be tuff...i'll post up everyday this week with workout details for each day...if i nail this weeks planned total, it will be the most ever work in one weeks time!

the team...Malt coming together nicely. we have secured some new sponsors and have the team line up hammered out. The team design is decided on and being submitted this week. Everyone is working out race planes for next year and the buzz is starting to get louder...i love it!

I have a good feeling about this year!!!